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Unique Sterling Silver and Exotic Stone Jewelry.

Since 1972

Current Focus on Natural American Turquoise.

Some Collectible "Old Stock"Turquoise Includes:

Indian Mountain, Pilot Mountain, Stenich, Morenci, Sleeping Beauty, Blue Diamond, Carico Lake, and many more.

Earrings, Pendants, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Cuff Links, and Bolo Ties.

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  • Tantalizing Tigre Mesa Turquoise
    All the unique stones in this three piece set are cut from the same chunk of turquoise. The sterling silver is given a satin/antique finish to accent the dynamic patterns in the stones....

  • - Sterling Silver

    - Tigre Mesa Turquoise

  • Dazzling Demali Turquoise
    Alluring colors and patterns of Nevada's Demali Turquoise make up this four piece collection. The sterling silver settings are finished in a satin/antique look to give the stone the greatest impact....

  • - Sterling Silver

    - Natural Nevada Demali/Damele Turquoise 

    - This four piece set includes earrings, pendant, cuff bracelet, and a ring. 

    - Everything we do is One of a Kind, so these specific pieces may already be sold. 

    - These pieces are shown here just as examples of what we create. 

  • Succulent Sugilite
    Three piece set of all beautifully matched High Grade Sugilite from South Africa. All the stones used in this collection we cut from the same piece of Sugilite. The sterling silver is finished to a high polished shine....

  • - Sterling Silver

    - Sugilite 

    - Three piece set includes Pendant, Cuff Bracelet, and a Ring. 

    - Everything we do is One of a Kind, so these specific pieces may already be sold. 

    - These pieces are shown here just as examples of what we create. 

  • Scintillating Lightning Stenich Turquoise Ring
    This ring is made with a very special and incredibly rare piece of turquoise from the little known Stenich Mine in Northern Nevada.

    This Fancy Shadowbox Ring is finished in a satin finish to show off the fine dynamic details within the stone....

  • - Sterling Silver

    - Lightning Stenich Turquoise

    - The turquoise was mined in the 1970's by the famed Mauzy Family in Northern Nevada. 

    Stenich Turquoise

    Within the somewhat small world of Nevada turquoise prospectors there are several names that the old timers in the business are familiar with, one of those names being that of the Mauzy Family. Throughout the 1970's and into the mid 80's they held claim to at least 7 different unique high quality turquoise claims in and around the Lander Ranch in northern Nevada. One of the most unique of these turquoise deposits is what is referred to as Stenich Turquoise. The name is actually a tribute to the original claim owner of the 1930's. His name was August Stenivich, and when he died he willed the claim deed to J.W. Edgar. J.W. was the father in law to a one Eddy Mauzy. Eddy his wife and his family mined Stenich and their many other claims during the few months of the year when it is bearable to be in the brutal desert of north central Nevada. During their off time from mining they would cut and sell cabochons throughout the nation 1970's and 80's. By the end of the eighties the Mauzy's had pretty much gotten out of the turquoise business. For decades they had buckets of mixed up, left over rough turquoise sitting in their sheds and garage in Albuquerque. The time came to move some of this long forgotten treasure out. I must say it felt awfully good to be in the right place at the right time. With a strong background of cutting stone, and an eye for quality turquoise we here at Golden Fleece Trading Co. were given the opportunity to purchase some truly exceptional turquoise. Needless to say the rich vibrant colors of Stenich turquoise were some of the pieces that kept me digging into those buckets of mixed up turquoise rock. Much of the nicer material has a crystalline translucency that is rarely seen in turquoise. In good light one can actually see down into the surface color of the stone. On rare occasions a piece can even be cut as to allow light to come through the stone. Most of the raw pieces that we have had the pleasure to work with are very thin layers of brightly colored turquoise unevenly formed onto and into a hard black rock. Stenich is one turquoise that is extremely difficult to work with because it will often have hollow pockets that cannot be avoided, and the color itself is very thin and wavy. It is not uncommon to see finished cut stones with little holes or voids in them referred to as natural vugs. I have seen Stenich turquoise form in a nice variety of colors from rich blue tones through the spectrum to a vibrant tropical yellow-green. The stone that we are currently working with was mined by the famed Mauzy family during their heyday. Very little of the Stenich was being cut in the 70's and 80's because it is such a difficult stone to work with. We here at Golden Fleece feel very honored and excited to offer this rare and special mineral to collectors and enthusiasts that may not be familiar with its unique beauty. 

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